Energy Gizmo

February 13, 2010


British Gas have provided us with this handy gadget which measures in real time your household consumption of electricity. It’s rather effective as it’s hard to walk past it would looking at the numbers on the screen and then rushing round turning unnecessary things off in order to try to get the kW number to go down. Should be good to save a few quid.


January 29, 2010


I always find something to smile about whenever webcomic XKCD updates, but I actually found this genuinely rather poignant!

Fall of Empires

January 10, 2010


According to it’s creator, Jose M Cruz, this is “mainly an experimentation with soft bodies using toxi’s verlet springs” on Vimeo. It shows the evolution of the four main maritime Empires through the XIX and XX Centuries by extent, and it’s quite fascinating to watch. Unfortunately WordPress won’t let me embed the video in this page but you can click through here. It’s rather hypnotic to watch, and things get very interesting around 1960!


October 1, 2009


This is a fascinating website, which lists all kinds of running totals for different things going on in the world, from the world population to such interesting facts as the number of obese people in the world to the number of days until the oil runs out.

Well worth a look, although it’s slightly hypnotic!

A Long Wait

August 12, 2009


Apologies for the long break in blogging – after my very enjoyable trip to my favourite city San Francisco the Fleet family spent a lovely week in Dorset, of which more detail later.

While in SF i had occasion to need to synchronise the inbox of my work laptop via the rather flaky WiFi connection – whereupon I was faced with a rather alarming ‘time to go’ message by Outlook, which I snapped with the iPhone.

Fortunately my elderly Dell soon regained its sanity!

Copy… Paste…. Wait…..

July 20, 2009


I am a PC user at work (though a Mac user everywhere else!) so I certainly recognise this situation!

From – never less than excellent!

Does The Damn Thing Work?

April 21, 2009


Found this on the web – don’t know who to credit it to, but if you came up with it let me know and I will cheerfully give you the credit. I have attached a copy to the photocopier at work where it is causing great amusement!