Roaming Gnome

April 18, 2009


With spring now sprung in Oxfordshire, Miss Fleet retrieved from the shed her beloved tractor, a present from her Uncle and Aunt Farmer. We set off on an expedition ’round the block’, accompanied by Miss Fleet’s dear friend Cecil the Slightly Camp Gnome, who adopted a proprietorial air in the trailer.

Out foray coincided with the arrival of the bin men, who fell about laughing as a stern faced four-year-old powered past them on a miniature John Deere towing an effete gnome and trailed by an shifty and embarrassed looking thirty-six year old man with a crafty cigar on the go.


March 14, 2009



The last couple of weekends have been our first opportunity to start working in the garden this year. There are some nice spring flowers starting to appear here and there. I took a couple of pictures with the camera in my new mobile. It’s a Nokia N85 and the camera is, if anything, even better than the already excellent one in the N95 I had before. The colour reproduction in the two shots above is marvellous.

Anyway, my daily ride across the West End to work is getting more pleasurable by the day as the daffodils and other spring flowers proliferate in around Hyde Park, and even allowing for the economic maelstrom we find ourselves in (particularly in the retail sector in which I work) it’s hard not to feel a little more optimistic.

It’s Rothmans’ first birthday next Saturday. For various reasons we are having her party tomorrow, and although she has a filthy cold hopefully she will have a nice time!