Icy Grip

January 7, 2010

Great Britain.jpeg

Photo: NASA/GSFC, MODIS Rapid Response

What an extraordinary picture, taken by NASA’s Terra satellite on 7th January, via the BBC.

Does it make me a bad person…

January 7, 2010


…that i can’t look at the picture above, an action shot by Mrs Fleet of Miss Fleet (5) towing Rothmans (21 months) around on a sled in our back garden, during which Rothmans has come to grief, without giggling!

I ought to point out that the next shot (taken a second or so later) shows Rothmans scrambling back onto the sled giggling happily.

It’s worth clicking on the image to increase the size.

Tomorrow morning is going to be interesting!

January 7, 2010


The temperature outside is currently -5 degrees centigrade. As you can see from the picture above the roughly 15 centimetres of snow we had last night and during today is still deep and crisp and reasonably even (if somewhat compressed by various people creeping about very slowly in their cars), which promises to be interesting tomorrow after a night of sub zero temperatures have frozen that lot into a big slippery nightmare!

Proper Snow

January 5, 2010


The view from my first floor landing, Olympus jammed against the window frame and the flash turned off, a few moments ago… proper snow in South Oxfordshire – a rare event.

There’s something rather eerie about the yellow of the street lights on the snow… or maybe that’s just the effect of the book of HP Lovecraft short stories I have been reading. Could the snow herald the arrival of some vile squamous beast from another dimension? Probably not. But I might build a snow Cthulhu tomorrow just to be on the safe side.

The Further Adventures of Cecil

July 19, 2009


Cecil the Slightly Camp Garden Gnome has made a cameo appearance on this blog before when he went for a ride on a John Deere tractor, but now the show-tunes loving garden ornament has fallen victim to Rothmans, (pictured above wearing a very avantgarde pair of black sunglasses) who likes nothing more than grabbing Cecil from his usual resting place (out of sight of the house, as he is rather vulgar) and carrying him to her favourite lurking place outside the wendy house, where she will then sit and cuddle him for ages. What Cecil thinks of this isn’t known, partially because nobody has asked him, and partially because he is made of plastic.

While we are on the subject of Cecil, here he is showing a remarkably cheerful demeanor given that he is up to his waist in snow.


Sinister Snowman

February 7, 2009


Miss Fleet has developed a strange talent for constructing deeply sinister snowmen. During the limited snow we had last year, she built three, all of which were disturbing in a way it is impossible to put one’s finger on.

Yesterday this creepy looking brute appeared in the back garden. It’s pebbles follow you around as you walk, and last night looking at the hideous thing lit by the light spilling through the conservatory windows I could have sworn it was watching me, and planning something. I triple checked the lock on the door.

Snow Gnome

February 7, 2009


Messing about in the snow with Miss Fleet this morning, I was pleased to note that the Gnome which resides near her Wendy House, although taking refuge atop a garden chair, is maintaining a cheerful outlook despite the inclement weather. He’s still in shirtsleeves. Must be from the North East.