Hilarious New Blog

January 29, 2009

Gordon Brown shell shocked.jpg

One of the finest political blogs in existence is Politicalbetting.com. It’s addictive (like the Hotel California, you can check out but you can never leave) and contains countless erudite and brilliant commenters arguing and debating over the superb articles written by the inimitable Mike Smithson, the svelte Morus, and Double Carpet. It’s unusual in that it is genuinely non-partisan and commenters of all parties are present. According to Mike Smithson the ration of the parties shifts according to who is in the lead in the polls at the time, so currently Tory commenters are dominant, but when Labour was riding high in the polls the reverse was true. No one knows, of course, what would happen should the Limp Dems achieve success in the polls.

Among those debating the betting opportunities or debating the political issues of the day there are also some notable eccentrics. Ave It 09 predicts Tory victory regardless of the topic under debate, while Martin Day indulges his hatred of Liberal Democrats (via his two themes of the Yellow Taxi and the alleged similarity of Nick Clegg to Neil Kinnock), and of Gordon Brown. Recently Martin has started a blog, where he displays his unique sense of humour and some superbly funny (if not hugely technically accomplished) photoshop work!

Best of luck with the blog Martin – if I had any feedback it would be to create more pictures of the hybrid of Gordon Brown and a Galapagos Tortoise, which reduces me to helpless giggling whenever I see it. The images are by the mighty Martin Day. Go and visit his blog!