January 17, 2010


With the departure of the dreaded snow (which although exciting to begin with had certainly outstayed it’s welcome by last weekend and was a bloody nuisance by the time the rain washed it away a couple of days ago) it seemed timely to tidy up the garden a little, including shoring up a fence which is in the process of collapsing (hoping to keep it upright until we’ve decided whether to sell the house or not!).

We’ re in the process of clearing the house of my late Grandmother, who died a couple of months ago, and yesterday I took away a couple of items that particularly remind me of my Grandfather, who passed away about 17 years ago. A tailor and then a master bricklayer by trade, he would use up any spare cement from odd jobs at home by making a face (something my father is also in the habit of doing). I have no idea how old the one above (now nestling next to the door of my conservatory) is, but it’s a nice memory of a lovely man, as is the hand drill pictured below which I found in one of his sheds. The dark mark on the winding handle appears to be a burn mark. My Grandad was never to be seen without a Woodbine, and I suspect he scorched the handle with his ciggie while using the drill. I love the way the colours have come out in this picture, taken using my iPhone.


While tidying up I also found the first snow-drop of the year!


Garden Visitor

July 20, 2009


This evening while watering the garden I encountered this fine fellow resting on the step of the conservatory.

The Further Adventures of Cecil

July 19, 2009


Cecil the Slightly Camp Garden Gnome has made a cameo appearance on this blog before when he went for a ride on a John Deere tractor, but now the show-tunes loving garden ornament has fallen victim to Rothmans, (pictured above wearing a very avantgarde pair of black sunglasses) who likes nothing more than grabbing Cecil from his usual resting place (out of sight of the house, as he is rather vulgar) and carrying him to her favourite lurking place outside the wendy house, where she will then sit and cuddle him for ages. What Cecil thinks of this isn’t known, partially because nobody has asked him, and partially because he is made of plastic.

While we are on the subject of Cecil, here he is showing a remarkably cheerful demeanor given that he is up to his waist in snow.


Relaxing Evening

June 24, 2009


I am on baby sitting duty tonight as Mrs Fleet is off at some meeting or other. Rothmans and Miss Fleet have gone to bed with surprising ease, so I have taken the opportunity to sit out in the garden with a nice Cuaba cigar and an equally nice glass of Rosé.

The picture quality isn’t great as I am using my Nokia E71 at the moment. I have an N85 as well, but I prefer the E71 for everything except it’s inferior camera.


June 13, 2009




A few flowers from the garden, taking this morning with my Nokia N85.