Pizza Rebellion

July 4, 2009


Mrs Fleet unpackaged two ostensibly identical pizzas this evening for dinner (I know, I know, but it’s been a busy day!) Suffice to say it appears that the calibration on the tomato adding machine needs some work, as one pizza had a grand total of seven slices while the other was blessed with so many the rest of the pizza was barely visible. Could this be an act of rebellion by an enraged pizza making operative? Who knows. Frankly, who cares. But it made us laugh.

As did my discovery that design consultancy i-am have produced a beach hut called Jabba.

As in Jabba the Hut.

Well, it tickled me.

Food Festival

June 28, 2009


Today has been a busy one, with a christening to attend this afternoon. Before that, however, we went to the Children’s Food Festival which was being held by the Northmoor Trust on the land they steward around the village of Long Wittenham in South Oxfordshire. This is the part of Oxfordshire where I grew up and have lived on and off for all of my 36 years. The picture above was taken today as we walked to the event, and shows the lovely landscape of South Oxfordshire – one of the reasons I like living here.

The event was great fun, with lots of practical things for Miss Fleet to do (planting things to grow, milking a (fake) cow) and lots of delicious things to sample. As always the Ladies in Pigs in particular had some delectable things to try.

P6280010.jpg Later in the morning we spotted a young lady who was wandering the fields dispensing pesto from a large receptacle on her back. The weather has felt very thundery in the last day or so and I must confess that I did wonder what would happen in the event of a thunderstorm, and whether the unfortunate promotions girl would be identifiable after the immense detonation which might result if she was struck by lightning! (Before any experts write in (perhaps, say, a passing olive oil impresario), I know this wouldn’t actually happen, but it made me giggle at the time!)

It was great to see lots of excellent British food being promoted. and also most heartening to experience an event dedicated to getting children to try food which is more out of the ordinary than they are used to.

Food of the Gods – Lyle’s Golden Syrup Sponge Ice Cream

January 25, 2009


When I was a small boy there were few pleasures greater than to take a spoon, warm it vigorously over the gas hob of my mother’s cooker, and plunge it hissing slightly into the tin of Lyle’s Golden Syrup which resided in the cupboard. The heating of the spoon made the liquid easier to handle as one conveyed it to one’s mouth.

Imagine my joy, then, to discover that this wonderous substance is now available in the form of icecream, thick with chunks of sponge and soaked in golden syrup. (At this point you have to imagine me doing that drooling / gurgling noise Homer Simpson does when presented with something truly delicious, like for example several hundredweight of donuts.)

Suffice to say if I apply myself I can put away a tub of it at a sitting. Truly this is the food of the Gods. Increasingly morbidly obese Gods, admittedly. But still Gods.