Does it make me a bad person…

January 7, 2010


…that i can’t look at the picture above, an action shot by Mrs Fleet of Miss Fleet (5) towing Rothmans (21 months) around on a sled in our back garden, during which Rothmans has come to grief, without giggling!

I ought to point out that the next shot (taken a second or so later) shows Rothmans scrambling back onto the sled giggling happily.

It’s worth clicking on the image to increase the size.

Creatures in the Snow

December 21, 2009


A while ago we won a pair of entry tickets to Cotswold Wildlife Park, so we decided to make use of them today. We go there quite regularly with the girls but never before in the deep mid-winter! As we arrived it was starting to snow.

Miss Fleet and Rothmans were both wrapped up warm, and Cotswold Wildlife Park in the snow turns out to be a rather splendid experience (not least as we discovered that entry was free today (although a charitable donation was encouraged) and so we will be able to use our free tickets in the summer). The park was very quiet, and after a splendid lunch of sausage and chips for Mrs F and I and Fish and chips for the girls we got to look at the various creatures against the pretty landscape of the park, very lightly dusted with snow. Rothmans is a particular fan of the Rhinos, while Miss Fleet loves the Humboldt Penguins, two of whom are pictured above enjoying an affectionate interlude!


The park is compact enough that the girls were able to see most of the interesting creatures before they got too cold, and an enjoyable visit was had by all, especially Rothmans who purchased a Rhino of her own (below). The trip home was interesting as the snow really started to come down having apparently caught Oxfordshire County Council by surprise (as ever) and the trusty Audi A6 was slithering around everywhere by the time we got there.

I always heartily recommend Cotswold Wildlife Park – ever since my childhood in the ’70s it’s been a great day out!


Miss Fleet back in action

September 19, 2009


It takes more than a spiral fracture of the tibia to keep Miss Fleet away from the swings!

Thelma and Louise Junior

September 14, 2009


Miss Fleet (5) has spent the day demonstrating why it is not a good idea to jump off the top off the top of the climbing frame at school, hand in hand with your friend. Her friend appears to have survived unscathed. Miss Fleet, who presumably landed underneath, has a broken leg. She is being very brave.

The Further Adventures of Cecil

July 19, 2009


Cecil the Slightly Camp Garden Gnome has made a cameo appearance on this blog before when he went for a ride on a John Deere tractor, but now the show-tunes loving garden ornament has fallen victim to Rothmans, (pictured above wearing a very avantgarde pair of black sunglasses) who likes nothing more than grabbing Cecil from his usual resting place (out of sight of the house, as he is rather vulgar) and carrying him to her favourite lurking place outside the wendy house, where she will then sit and cuddle him for ages. What Cecil thinks of this isn’t known, partially because nobody has asked him, and partially because he is made of plastic.

While we are on the subject of Cecil, here he is showing a remarkably cheerful demeanor given that he is up to his waist in snow.


Food Festival

June 28, 2009


Today has been a busy one, with a christening to attend this afternoon. Before that, however, we went to the Children’s Food Festival which was being held by the Northmoor Trust on the land they steward around the village of Long Wittenham in South Oxfordshire. This is the part of Oxfordshire where I grew up and have lived on and off for all of my 36 years. The picture above was taken today as we walked to the event, and shows the lovely landscape of South Oxfordshire – one of the reasons I like living here.

The event was great fun, with lots of practical things for Miss Fleet to do (planting things to grow, milking a (fake) cow) and lots of delicious things to sample. As always the Ladies in Pigs in particular had some delectable things to try.

P6280010.jpg Later in the morning we spotted a young lady who was wandering the fields dispensing pesto from a large receptacle on her back. The weather has felt very thundery in the last day or so and I must confess that I did wonder what would happen in the event of a thunderstorm, and whether the unfortunate promotions girl would be identifiable after the immense detonation which might result if she was struck by lightning! (Before any experts write in (perhaps, say, a passing olive oil impresario), I know this wouldn’t actually happen, but it made me giggle at the time!)

It was great to see lots of excellent British food being promoted. and also most heartening to experience an event dedicated to getting children to try food which is more out of the ordinary than they are used to.

Separated at Birth

June 25, 2009

P5280082.JPG rygel9.jpg

Left – Dominar Rygel XVI of Hyneria, Right – Rothmans

Rothmans and Dominar Rygel XVI (from Farscape)

Diminutive stature – check

Insatiable appetite – check

Extreme flatulence – check

Talent for getting into scrapes – check

(Updated for Spelling)