Blue Nile – New Album?

June 27, 2009

232607 BigRab at the Ben Lomond Free Press brings us the fantastic news (as reported on the Today Program) that The Blue Nile are planning a new, fifth and (it sounds) final album, and a tour. The Blue Nile are not exactly prolific, having released four sublime albums in 30 years, so this is quite a big event.

For those who are unfamiliar with the band, the film below marries their track Saturday Night to the paintings of Edward Hopper… a marriage made in heaven.

Hopefully the album will include the fantastic new track in the clip below, which the band played at their live gigs a couple of years ago, although given the glacially slow gestation of Blue Nile tracks and the extraordinarily high level of quality control it’s more than likely that this track has been long discarded!

UPDATE – Neither BigRab nor I noticed that in fact this Today segment dates from a year ago, so too much excitement might be premature. Oh well. I stick by my prediction of 2013.