Majestic Vulcan

August 23, 2009


While attending the 40th Wedding Celebrations of Mrs Fleet’s Uncle and Aunt today we were treated to the magnificent sight of Vulcan XH558 on its way back to Brize after displaying and flying past at various locations in the South of England.

The last time I was conscious of seeing one of these stunning delta-winged nuclear bombers airborne would have been at Abingdon Airshow as a small boy – probably thirty years ago now. It was wonderful to see the last flying Vulcan in action again.

Sadly I didn’t have my telephoto lens on the camera so the image is very poor, but what a glorious sight nonetheless.

Painting a Jumbo Jet

January 27, 2009

NWA 747 being repainted into Delta colours. Took 12 days to do, but through the miracle of time-lapse photography it’s reduced here to 3 minutes and a bit.