January 23, 2010


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Fat Balls

December 13, 2009

Fat Balls.jpg

My parents-in-law own a garden centre, and nothing enlivens my visits to see them more than to see a tray of fat balls for sale in the shop (yes, I know I have a juvenile sense of humour!)

Thus I particularly enjoyed this post (with the superb picture above) by master satirist The Lakelander on semi-professional Piers Fletcher-Dervish impersonator Ed Balls.

Bookmark The Lakelander’s blog. It’s great.

Statesman of the Year (WTF?)

September 23, 2009


Gordon Brown, Prime Mentalist of the United Kingdom (pictured left looking statesmanlike), despite being the most utterly incompetent holder of his office in history, has managed to be named Statesman of the Year by these people. Obviously the presence of Bono will be setting the alarm bells ringing for anyone reading this, but to highlight the stiff competition Gordo faced, I thought I would share the other members of the shortlist:


Gonzo the Great


A small Edam cheese


A Death Watch Beetle.

My understanding is that the early voting favoured the Edam Cheese, but unfortunately due to a misunderstanding about the lunch arrangements Henry Kissinger ate it. Someone then trod on the death watch beetle, and Gonzo the Great was discovered in flagrante with a chicken in the stationery cupboard.

I am sure all patriotic British people will join with me in congratulating the Prime Numbnuts Minister on this singular honour, which will no doubt be of great comfort to him in his enforced retirement at a remote secure hospital in the Highlands.

Women and childred first! It’s Gordon!

August 14, 2009

Brown on boat.jpg

Martin Day, whose enthusiasm for the noble art of photoshop knows no bounds and who usually deploys his art in the cause of making Gordon Brown look stupid, has excelled himself with this latest offering, on display in its original setting here.

Don’t let us stop you, Prime Minister

June 20, 2009


Apparently Prime Mentalist Gordon Brown could ‘walk away from all this tomorrow’, a line which has no doubt caused people all over the country to cry “we just wish you would Gordon – please don’t hang around on our behalf”.

Apparently he wants to become a teacher after he leaves office (and presumably after the men in white coats have given him the all clear). Children of Scotland – be very afraid.

Will nobody think of the Ducks?

May 21, 2009

Quote of the day, from, by ‘James’

What Peter Viggers’ critics are failing to answer is where do they expect his ducks to live now? The ducks who will be made homeless are the forgotten victims of this sorry affair.

New Labour: A Sober Assessment by Bryan Appleyard

May 19, 2009

Bryan Appleyard 3.jpg.jpeg

The great Bryan Appleyard posts as follows on his unmissable blog, Thought Experiments:-

With Speaker Martin about to resign, it is a good time to list some of the achievements of New Labour since 1997.

1)They destroyed trust in politics by creating a culture of spin, bullying and manipulation culminating in the Damian McBride affair.
2)They failed to reform the National Health Service or, indeed, any public service.
3)They betrayed their own primary promise by increasing inequality.
4)They embarked on an ill-judged military partnership with an incompetent American administration.
5)They humiliated and under-funded the military.
6)They mismanaged the public finances, leaving us with massive borrowings in the face of the worst economic crisis in 80 years.
7)They permitted a coup, on the basis of bullying and threats, which installed the worst Prime Minister of my lifetime.
8)And now, with the resignation of Brown’s puppet Speaker, they have precipitated a constitutional crisis of historic proportions.
Have I missed anything?