The Fleet of Worlds is a British Blog about anything that comes to my mind. Among the things that interest me are music, cars, fashion (the business I work in), reading (especially Science Fiction, History and Popular Science), good single malt whisky, better cigars (always Cuban), politics (on the soft right) and above all humour… if this blog doesn’t bring a smile to your face then I will have failed.  I live in the UK with my wife and two young daughters. This blog will probably appeal to you if you’re mildly neurotic, slightly geeky, and like a laugh.The Fleet of Worlds is piloted from a MacBookPro (an aluminium one).   The name of the blog takes its inspiration from the awe-inspiring early work of Larry Niven, in his Known Space sequence. The joie de vivre of that cycle of books has rarely been bettered in Sci Fi. I recommend them.   

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