Nanci Griffith

On Wednesday night Mrs Fleet and I were able to send Miss Fleet and Rothmans off to my mother’s and to go to watch Nanci Griffith in concert at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire. I’ve been a fan of Nanci’s for the best part of 20 years but have never managed to get to see her live before.

It was well worth the wait. The glorious pure crystaline voice was in good shape, and Nanci is a delightful, anecdotal presence, tiny, slender and straight backed with her hair pulled back into a rather severe bun (apparently the fault of the Breakfast TV people that morning who made her hair “look like Albert Einstein”).

The YouTube video above is of a much younger Nanci singing Kate Wolf’s Across the Great Divide. Nanci has always been a great interpreter of the songs of others as well as a fantastic songwriter in her own right, and this is one of my favourites of her covers.

In a couple of weeks we are off to see another favourite of mine, and another great, slightly eccentric singer songwriter, Imogen Heap, in Oxford.


One Response to Nanci Griffith

  1. Scrobs says:

    Pure stuff this Fleets!

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