Icy Grip

Great Britain.jpeg

Photo: NASA/GSFC, MODIS Rapid Response

What an extraordinary picture, taken by NASA’s Terra satellite on 7th January, via the BBC.


3 Responses to Icy Grip

  1. Scrobs says:

    Frightening isn’t it!

    But why is the BBC continuing to wheel out ‘experts’ to reiterate that ‘weather’ isn’t ‘climate change’?

    There are many people who have different ideas, but somehow this sort of ‘expert’ isn’t encouraged by the propaganda wing of the Civil Service!

  2. Ed P says:

    If this weather is not due to global cooling, then any heatwave in six months will not be due to global warming. Simples!

  3. Denver Weckwerth says:

    Thanks for good info 🙂

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