Does it make me a bad person…


…that i can’t look at the picture above, an action shot by Mrs Fleet of Miss Fleet (5) towing Rothmans (21 months) around on a sled in our back garden, during which Rothmans has come to grief, without giggling!

I ought to point out that the next shot (taken a second or so later) shows Rothmans scrambling back onto the sled giggling happily.

It’s worth clicking on the image to increase the size.


2 Responses to Does it make me a bad person…

  1. Scrobs says:

    It makes you an excellent person Fleets, and this is a picture you’ll cherish in the spring, when you need to rediscover all the kitchen implements now being used for snowmen etc, and which will eventually surface…!

    I’d giggle at this as well!

  2. Lilith says:

    How much will you enjoy blowing up that photo for Rothman’s wedding?/18th/just to show it to her friends?

    You responded entirely correctly Fleet. Had you shrieked and panicked and rushed over there would almost certainly have been tears.

    PS. I know you are a style guru, but did you really need to dye Miss Fleet’s hair pink?

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