Requiescat in Pace Saab


picture from Sniff Petrol

In the last four years I’ve owned two Saabs – a 9-3 and a 9-5. Both suffered from abysmal build quality – I have an OCD-esque hatred of rattles in the cabin (which is why my last two cars have been a Mercedes-Benz and an Audi) and the Saabs were both both terrible for that – but nevertheless I am sad that there won’t be any more slightly eccentric creations from Trollhatten – even though recent Saab’s have been pale imitations of their 70’s and 80’s forebears. GM has a lot to answer for.

In the end, one cannot but mourn the demise of a company that produced the lovely thing below..



One Response to Requiescat in Pace Saab

  1. Many, many, years ago, I had a 900 Turbo 16v.

    It was a fantastic car and I still think the best screwed-together car I have ever owned. I reckon the rot started when GM took over the company and started sharing platforms with other GM cars. They weren’t really Saabs anymore.

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