Creatures in the Snow


A while ago we won a pair of entry tickets to Cotswold Wildlife Park, so we decided to make use of them today. We go there quite regularly with the girls but never before in the deep mid-winter! As we arrived it was starting to snow.

Miss Fleet and Rothmans were both wrapped up warm, and Cotswold Wildlife Park in the snow turns out to be a rather splendid experience (not least as we discovered that entry was free today (although a charitable donation was encouraged) and so we will be able to use our free tickets in the summer). The park was very quiet, and after a splendid lunch of sausage and chips for Mrs F and I and Fish and chips for the girls we got to look at the various creatures against the pretty landscape of the park, very lightly dusted with snow. Rothmans is a particular fan of the Rhinos, while Miss Fleet loves the Humboldt Penguins, two of whom are pictured above enjoying an affectionate interlude!


The park is compact enough that the girls were able to see most of the interesting creatures before they got too cold, and an enjoyable visit was had by all, especially Rothmans who purchased a Rhino of her own (below). The trip home was interesting as the snow really started to come down having apparently caught Oxfordshire County Council by surprise (as ever) and the trusty Audi A6 was slithering around everywhere by the time we got there.

I always heartily recommend Cotswold Wildlife Park – ever since my childhood in the ’70s it’s been a great day out!



2 Responses to Creatures in the Snow

  1. 6000 says:

    I used to be a regular out there when I lived in Oxford. Lovely little park.
    (And I’ve been there in the snow too!)

  2. Thanks for bringing this out into the light. I appreciate the efforts of people like you to help the rest of us understand the world around us.

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