Christmas Market


There are few things better for getting into the Christmas spirit than a Christmas market, with little wooden huts strung with twinkling lights, and for the most part genuinely hand crafted things to buy. Mrs Fleet, Miss Fleet, Rothmans and i had a very nice (if somewhat rain dampened) visit to the Christmas market at Bath this afternoon. The only thing that was missing (for me) was a nice glass of mulled wine, as I didn’t fancy the 80 mile drive home on the M4 in torrential rain without senses in optimum condition!

The picture above was taken with my iPhone, and I think it’s come out rather well.


6 Responses to Christmas Market

  1. Lilith says:

    I am glad you enjoyed it Fleet. Speaking as a local, Christmas Market week is a bloody nightmare. It is probably just as well it rained or you wouldn’t have been able to move. Did you manage to find a parking place?

  2. Hi Lilith

    We made an initial attempt at about midday and the traffic was utter mayhem, with long queues at all the car parks, so we retreated for lunch and staged a second assault at about 3pm by which time I got a parking place at the Cricket club.

    I thought at the time that the locals must hate it, but it was most festive! I had forgotten what a lovely city Bath is.

  3. killemallletgodsortemout says:

    A tad different from the European “market” in sunny Sarfend, I’ll wager.

  4. 6000 says:

    Ha. I did a Christmas market on Sunday morning – 34 bloody degrees. Difficult to get into the spirit, to be honest.

  5. May your chestnuts crackle on an open fire!

  6. bigrab says:


    Where have you been?

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