Thelma and Louise Junior


Miss Fleet (5) has spent the day demonstrating why it is not a good idea to jump off the top off the top of the climbing frame at school, hand in hand with your friend. Her friend appears to have survived unscathed. Miss Fleet, who presumably landed underneath, has a broken leg. She is being very brave.


9 Responses to Thelma and Louise Junior

  1. Scrobs says:

    Bless her heart!

    Make sure everyone signs it!

    Also make sure there’s a knitting needle in every room…

    I do hope she gets better asap!

  2. lilith says:

    OH MY. Brave poppet. She’s tall like her Da, but pretty, obviously šŸ™‚

  3. 6000 says:

    See – it’s the unpredictibility of parenting that makes it so much fun.
    Poor Miss Fleet. Please sign her pot from me. (Put the website URL on as well – always after more traffic – cheers).

  4. 6000 says:

    P.S. How big is the friend?

  5. Calfy says:

    Wow! How does she get around school like that?! I hope that her friend is helpful, and that it was a “clean break”.

  6. Fleet of Worlds says:

    Thanks all for your kind thoughts!

    Scrobs – She seems to be feeling a lot happier

    Lils – She has her fathers height but (thank god) her mother’s looks!

    6000 – I can agree a very reasonable rate for advertising space!

    Calfy – she has a walking frame, as crutches are a bit beyond her! It’s a spiral fracture but clean so I the prognosis is positive.

  7. bigrab says:


    Haven’t checked in recently but please pass on best wishes!

  8. Fleet of Worlds says:

    There hasn’t been much to check in for, BigRab, other than the odd tumbleweed! Will try to do better!

  9. Strolling through the grounds of the hotel we’re staying in (near to Harrogate) today, we came across a very old oak tree.

    Dr Lakelander and I agreed that it was a perfect tree to climb – if you were a child – and we were both carried back to our childhoods as we looked up at the branches and worked out the best way to climb to the top of this tree.

    As a kid, I remember jumping out of trees like this, pretending I was wearing a parachute. Looking back, I find it hard to believe I never broke any bones as a child.

    Being fat little bastard probably helped.

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