The Rock

While in San Francisco I took the opportunity to visit Alcatraz – something I haven’t done before. The Alcatraz Night Tour was highly recommended to me, as it is longer and more detailed than the tours that are run during the day (and also suited my schedule as I was in SF for work and consequently not free during the day). Suffice to say I’d highly recommend it as well. It was bitterly cold (as San Francisco can be during the summer) and the Bay microclimate and it’s trademark fog were much in evidence, but the boat trip out was great fun and the tour both informative and highly entertaining.


Fog City lives up to it’s name


The Island of Pelicans


The Lighthouse and the remains of the Warden’s house


Water Tower


Alcatraz Island looking towards the Bay Bridge


The Rock


Alcatraz Cell


The entrance to the Administration Building


Lighthouse, with the cellblock behind


Watchtower at Dusk


Leaving the Island

The photography isn’t up to my usual standard as I used my little Ricoh compact rather than the Olympus DSLR, but the chilly greyness and forbidding aspect of the island comes across quite effectively I think. I hadn’t been aware that many of the staff of the Federal Prison lived on the island. It must have felt very isolated as the last boat of the day pulled away each night, although by many accounts the guards had happy family lives while some of the most infamous prisoners in US history lurked but a few metres away.

I’d highly recommend anyone visiting San Francisco taking the night tour of Alcatraz… a very informative and enjoyable 3 hours.


5 Responses to The Rock

  1. Welcome back home Fleet!

    You make an interesting comment re:cameras.

    The late, great Victor Blackman created a rule of photography which still holds true to this day.

    It is: the number of photos you take is in inverse proportion to the size of the camera you use.

    As someone who owns Canon cameras in decending order of size as follows: 5d mk2, 5d, 10D (all 3 SLRs with battery packs) Powershot Pro 1 and the pocket size Ixus 850….

    Can you guess which one has taken the most photos?

  2. Fleet of Worlds says:

    The Ixus?

    In my case I break the rule – I love the Olympus and take the vast majority of my pictures with it, but the Ricoh takes up no room in my bag so it gets to go on work trips when the Olympus gets left at home… For leisure time its the Olympus with a zoom lense and a GPS tracker clipped to the strap!

  3. lilith says:

    Spooky place. Did you see Murder in the First with Gazza Oldbloke playing the Warden? Naaaasty.

  4. Fleet of Worlds says:

    I haven’t seen it Lilith – will have to look out for it. It is a very creepy place.

  5. bigrab says:

    Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. The pictures look great to me.

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