Copy… Paste…. Wait…..


I am a PC user at work (though a Mac user everywhere else!) so I certainly recognise this situation!

From – never less than excellent!


2 Responses to Copy… Paste…. Wait…..

  1. Until earlier this year, I was a hard core PC user. I then sold out from my last (retail) business and joined two drug crazed hippies in a (software) business where everyone uses Apples.

    Thus far, it’s been an expensive experience. Having bought the Macbook Pro, I discovered it wouldn’t talk to my Blackberry, so an iPhone was acquired.

    And the iPhone wouldn’t talk to the Bluetooth kit in my Merc, so I had to buy a special Merc Bluetooth kit to work with the iPhone.

    Thankfully, Ebay has softened the blow of disposing of 4 month old phone kit.

    The blow has been further softened by Dr Lakelander buying me an Apple 24 inch Cinema Screen that I’ve just had calibrated to match my printer.

    Still, with what I’ve got planned for our Nu Labour friends in the coming months, I’m sure it’s all going to be worth it!

  2. Fleet of Worlds says:

    I am having a similar merc / iphone interface issue, but other than that all is happy on the hardware front.

    Looking forward to seeing your plans come to fruition!

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