More Invertebrate Horror!

Dosidicus_gigas.jpg First it was the ants, and now the Squid are getting in on the act. The Telegraph (among numerous other media outlets) reports that Humboldt (or Jumbo) Squid have been turning up off San Diego where they have taken to attacking divers.

It seems that the horrible tentacled brutes have been assaulting the divers, pulling at their gear and masks. One woman called Shanda Magill had her buoyancy hose ripped away and her light stolen by the sub-aquatic hooligans. Given that the squids in question can grow to 5 feet long and weight more than 7 stone, the safest thing to do is probably to give into their demands and hope they go away – particularly as they can hunt in schools of up to 1200, and can skim along the surface of the water to escape predators.

Still, it could be worse. If this lot get involved we will be in real trouble (artists impression below)



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