The Dangers of Swimming… Guest Post by Mrs Fleet.

From The Sun so it must be true…..

“A WOMAN is suing an Egyptian hotel claiming her daughter got pregnant – from using the swimming pool.

Magdalena Kwiatkowska’s 13-year-old returned to Poland from their holiday expecting a baby.

Magdalena believes the teenager conceived from stray sperm after taking a dip in the hotel’s mixed pool. She is now seeking compensation from the hotel.

A travel industry source said: “The mother is adamant that her daughter didn’t meet any boys while she was there.

“She is determined to go ahead with the case.”

Tourist authorities in Warsaw, Poland, have confirmed they received the bizarre complaint.”


5 Responses to The Dangers of Swimming… Guest Post by Mrs Fleet.

  1. oh dear… another Virgin Birth from the Middle East Region. Stray sperm while swimming? Don’t they use Chlorine? That kid’s going to be radio-active!

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its… pool attendant man

    Saving children everywhere from drowning. (no running, jumping, shouting or heavy petting please).

  2. killemallletgodsortemout says:


    Where ya bin?

  3. Fleet of Worlds says:

    Hi Merms – lovely to see you stopping by! The whole thing is too bizarre for words!

    Killem! Long time no see – life has been very busy for the last few weeks so there has been precious little time for blogging. I promise to try to do better!

  4. bigrab says:

    “Are you coming in the pool Lech?”

    “No its just the way my trunks are lying”

    I wouldn’t discount the claim, sperm are renowned for their swimming prwess you know! 8)

  5. bigrab says:

    deng! prowess!

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