Run for your lives… the ANTS ARE COMING!


Photo by Penarc, via Wikipedia

The BBC brings us disturbing news of the ongoing activities of the fiendish Argentine Ants, who appear to be in the throes of a diabolical and well advanced plan to take over the world, one leaf at a time.

It seems that the appalling brutes all form part of one globe-spanning mega-colony, and that when ants from the sinisterly named Californian and European Super-colonies meet with colleagues from the Japanese colony rather than fighting they act as though they were old friends.

It’s not hard to imagine that somewhere on the Argentine pampas, deep inside the original hive, lurks an unusually large ant with a scarred face, sitting in a tiny leather chair, stroking a tiny white cat, while cackling in a chilling manner. Meanwhile his minions, clad in little brightly-coloured boiler suits, scurry hither and yon to do his bidding, while John Barry music plays in the background.

All of this raises the question – WHAT ARE THEY UP TO?


(Other than by using a very, very, very large kettle of boiling water, obviously. )


Pictured – The natural enemy of the Ant, the Kettle of Boiling Water (this rather nice one designed by architect Michael Graves)


4 Responses to Run for your lives… the ANTS ARE COMING!

  1. thud says:

    I prefer to think of the ants going about their daily activities to a Ramones soundtrack…rather suits their relentless frenzy.

  2. Hello Thud – good point…! Hadn’t thought of it that way before but now whenever I see an ant I will think of ‘I wanna be sedated’!

  3. Plato says:

    I’ve never tried giving the little buggers a hot bath…

    *puts on kettle*

  4. Do you suggest using a bed bug spray or is that a bad thing? I don’t want to use anything that is not natural.

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