Marillion – Tux On

Apropos of nothing much at all, here is the wonderful Fish-era Marillion track Tux On.


15 Responses to Marillion – Tux On

  1. Scrobs says:

    Steve Rothery is marvellous on this track Fleets.

    He’s always been a thoughtful lead guitar, but somehow the mix here was incredible, it was an unusual playing method; not sure how it was done, but I love it!

    Fish is, as usual, magnificent.

    The whole song is a great story, thanks for the post!

  2. Fleet of Worlds says:

    Hi Scrobs… There were some wonderful stories in some of the Fish era songs… Warm Wet Circles is another superb one. Rothery is a rare talent – he’s done some great work with his side project The Wishing Tree as well.

  3. Scrobs says:

    Hiya Fleets,

    Still listening to your track – again!

    Afraid that ‘H”s voice puts me off sometimes, because he sings from the front of his mouth, whereas Fish has the enigmatic showmanship and not afraid to show style and individuality, and depth of ‘shout’.

    Actually, when Steve Hogarth sings softly, like in ‘Bridge’, he’s truly great, but when he opens up too much, his voice gets too contorted, and becomes unbearable to me…

    There’s one small piece in ‘Afraid of sunlight’, when they all get it absolutely spot on, and somehow, I’ll try and get you the link to the bit I die for…

  4. Fleet of Worlds says:

    Afraid of Sunlight is my favourite Hogarth-era album – some great tracks on there., particularly the title track, and also Out of this World. I think I might know the place in the track you refer to… 🙂

  5. Scrobs says:


    Still up eh?

    Same here!

    Struggling to get the piece I want you to hear – they all sound like a Jewish Male Voice Choir for just a few seconds, and I love it!

    Hope it is on ‘Afraid of sunlight’ I’m worried now…

  6. Scrobs says:


    Found it!

    Sorry to say, I’ve mucked it up, it’s not ‘Afraid of sunlight’, but ‘Beyond you’! (Total cock-up on the recall stakes purely down to a surfeit of Corbieres…)!

    It’s when ‘H’ sings the middle section with the words… ‘And the feeling comes in waves; a hole in my body.. aching, like a heart dying, a soul crying…

    Just at that point, they’ve got some choral harmony singing behind the keyboards, and I just love it!


  7. Fleet of Worlds says:

    I know the bit you mean – and just listened to it via the miracle of iTunes! It is a sublime piece of music, I agree..

  8. Scrobs says:

    So now, let’s listen to the middle bit of ‘This Strange Engine’, when Steve does the heavy, huge, crashing riff on guitar just after the words ‘…you’re the only one…’

    The keyboard section which follows is magnificent, and could well be a theme for something like a racing car programme – rather like ‘Rumours’ by Fleetwood Mac did.

    There’s a strong possiblity that I may have to go to my bed soon, but I’ll stay up as long as you can…

  9. Fleet of Worlds says:

    Love ‘This Strange Engine’ as a track although the album overall I thought was weak. My next contribution to ‘Great Marillion Moments” would be the point at 5.12 in Quartz from Anoraknophobia where the whole track shifts gear.. lovely!

  10. Scrobs says:

    I’m checking it now…

  11. Scrobs says:

    Fleets! Got it immediately!

    That’s really a perfect change they do there! I can easily understand you liking that section, I love it too!

    Might stay up a bit longer…

  12. Scrobs says:


    Some years ago, we had the whole family over from the US, (they emigrated in 1978), and we had a whale of a time.

    The day after they flew back, I was driving to work in Canterbury, and playing – I think – ‘Bitter Suite’.

    All of a sudden, I felt a complete loss as Fish sang ‘…guzzles another can of lager…’, and misery crept in to such an extent that I had to ring Mrs S when I got to the office and ask how she was feeling…!

    It was just a signal moment, but the Rothery guitar, the words, the dark ambience just seemed to sum up our despair after all the fun we’d just had, and now had ended!

    Got over it of course; went to the pub later…

  13. Fleet of Worlds says:

    Strange how a song can suddenly ‘get’ one like that… there’s a song called ‘Strength’ by a celtic band called Iona which get me every time…

    Anyway, I am now off to bed! Have a good week, Scrobs.

  14. Scrobs says:

    And you Fleets – and thanks for the chat!

  15. bigrab says:

    Fish’s real name is Derek Dick.

    Explains why he changed it.

    But Fish?

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