Separated at Birth

P5280082.JPG rygel9.jpg

Left – Dominar Rygel XVI of Hyneria, Right – Rothmans

Rothmans and Dominar Rygel XVI (from Farscape)

Diminutive stature – check

Insatiable appetite – check

Extreme flatulence – check

Talent for getting into scrapes – check

(Updated for Spelling)


6 Responses to Separated at Birth

  1. Tuscan Tony says:

    Two questions and a statement this morning:

    1. why the quadruple post – do you get paid per word?

    2. your spelling of separated is at the same time a tragedy and a shocking disappointment.

    Statement: I assumed from the name Rothmans your sprog was a heavy smoker, yet I see no lit cigarette in the her pic, presumably the one on the right

  2. Fleet of Worlds says:

    Morning Tony

    1. I use Ecto to post to WordPress and it was giving me error messages each time I tried to post. Foolishly I didn’t check the site to see whether it was loading!

    2. That’s the second time you have pulled me up on Separated. I am suitably ashamed.

    You have correctly identified Rothmans as the one on the right. When she was born I invited comments on what she should be named. Someone (6000 I think) suggested Rothmans, which I rather liked.

  3. 6000 says:

    I got it 4 times too.
    And I’m married. Amazing.

    I was indeed the proud suggester of ‘Rothmans’.

  4. Scrobs says:

    Rothmans always seemed metallic to me…

    My favourites were Three Castles, and they were a bloody good fag in those days, when we were allowed to smoke.

    Mind you, the Rothmans name lingers on and still has the ‘Officer’ tag, which means that you have sub-consciously promoted your sproglet to a position which she deserves!

    Well done that person!

  5. bigrab says:

    Separated is one of the most mis-spelled words in the English language to be fair.

    Getting back to the post…

    Daughter of Fleet – chec…………hang on!

  6. Fleet of Worlds says:

    I hadn’t realised that Rothmans’ ‘tache had got so luxuriant until I looked at this photo…

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