A few flowers from the garden, taking this morning with my Nokia N85.


7 Responses to Flowers

  1. Superb photos!

    I can’t believe how good mobile phones are getting for taking photos.

  2. Lilith says:


  3. killemallletgodsortemout says:

    Isn’t life grand?

  4. Fleet of Worlds says:

    Hi Lakes – it’s remarkable, isn’t it. The camera in the N85 needed some fiddling with the settings to get it to reproduce colour vaguely accurately but all in all I am pretty impressed with it.

    Lilith – indeed

    Killem’ – It certainly is!

  5. Helga Hansen says:

    I find myself taking a lot of photos with my phone too (Samsung Omnia), and liking the results as well. I guess it’s easier than lugging a camera around!

    Pretty flowers too – last one is clematis… I think! 🙂

  6. bigrab says:

    You have a definite skill Fleet.

  7. Helga – A clematis it is!

    Rab – Aw, shucks…. 🙂

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