Cornwall Pictures

I thought I’d post some more of my more arty pictures of the coastline around St Agnes in Cornwall where we spent our holiday last week….


Sunset at Trevaunance Cove I


Sunset at Trevaunance Cove II


Atlantic Coast I


Atlantic Coast II


Trevaunance Cove Blue


Man and His Man at Sunset


7 Responses to Cornwall Pictures

  1. 6000 says:

    Top one is my favourite.
    Maybe submit them to the Cornish Tourism Board and get some postcard royalties?

  2. Tuscan Tony says:

    You have a superb eye, Fleet. Excellent photographs (these are not holiday snaps by any stretch of the vocab)

  3. Fleet of Worlds says:

    6000 – Top one is my favourite too. I took one at the same time in ‘landscape’ which I am using as my wallpaper on the Macbook Pro.

    TT – Thanks very much – most touched, coming from yourself, whose talent with the Nikon (whether aimed at architecture, landscape or buxom wench) is considerable!

  4. Scrobs says:

    These are damn good Fleets.

    Last one is particularly watchable – thanks!

  5. idle says:

    Top class. Perhaps I can commission you to take a photo of my mother, who has never been successfully photographed, despite being a handsome enough woman.

  6. bigrab says:

    These are terrific shots Fleet.

    Glad you had a good holiday.

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