Requiescat in Pace – Milvina Dean


Today has brought the sad news that the last survivor of the sinking of RMS Titanic, Milvina Dean, has died at the age of 97. Ms Dean was 2 months old at the time of the sinking and so had no memory of the events of April 15th 1912. Ms Dean, her mother and brother escaped in Lifeboat No. 10 (and were thus among the first steerage class passengers to escape) but her father was lost. With her death the last human link to the loss of the great ship is gone.

Today is also the 98th Anniversary of the launch of Titanic.

RIP Milvina Dean, 2nd February 2012 – 31st May 2009.



8 Responses to Requiescat in Pace – Milvina Dean

  1. Tuscan Tony says:

    This is the saddest news of the year for me. The cries of “oh no” are echoing about Tuscany this evening.

    RIP indeed. I constantly await with trepidation the inevitable news re Harry Patch.

  2. Calfy says:

    Gosh. The idea of a two month old baby involved in such tragedy fair makes my blood run cold. 97 (surely if she was born in 1912 it must be the 97th anniversary, not the 98th?) is a good innings though!
    I think I shall probably cry when Harry Patch dies. I saw an interview with him talking about fear the same week Lily Allen released “The Fear” and got very cross with her for having such an unreasonable definition in comparison to the WWI veterans. Although that is unreasonable in itself of course.

  3. Fleet of Worlds says:

    The Big T was launched on May 31st 1911 – follow this link for a picture of the invitation!

    There are some truly horrible stories about some of the children on Titanic, but there are some stories about the Lusitania that are worse.. The last that was seen of the millionaire Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt before he died on the Lady Lusy was he and his manservant tying lifevests onto the moses baskets of tiny babies in a vain attempt to float them to safety…. chilling.

  4. Calfy says:

    Ah, launch not sinking. I’ve allus suffered from RTQ.

  5. Calfy says:

    ! How truly awful.
    I have nurtured a hope that some of the atrocity of the sinking of the Lusitania was propaganda.

  6. Fleet of Worlds says:

    Some of it was, but the reality is pretty ghastly without any embellishment – Lusitania sank in 18 minutes and was a horrendous, bloody cataclysm of repturing steam lines, exploding boilers, lifeboats sliding down the length of the ship crushing people beneath them, passengers trapped in lifts when the power failed. The sinking of Titanic, over somewhat less than 3 hours, had an epic, operatic quality to it. There was something heroic about it. The death of Lusitania was vicious and sordid.

  7. Tuscan Tony says:

    Harry Patch lives not far form your Ma, Calfy: I’m down there later this month and want to see if its possible to visit him and pay my respects.

  8. MiciiNbs3 says:

    Good philosophy. I love it. Thank you for sharing

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