There and back again


I am back after a most enjoyable week on the Atlantic Coast of Cornwall with my parents. The weather was mixed but we had three or four really good days which allowed Rothmans and Miss Fleet to have some fun on the beach, and your correspondent to have a few good swims in the sea, and also to get mildly sunburnt. (Please note that in the picture below that is not a bald patch you can see on my head, but a strange trick of the cornish light). My father (69) ventured in once (the pictorial evidence is too shocking to be published on this blog) but claims that his ‘feet get too cold’, which has at least sorted out his birthday present (boots for his wetsuit).


All in all it was a lovely week, although as ever coming home is a bit depressing, and this afternoon has been spent dealing with the jungle in the back garden and pouring acid down all the sinks in the house to try to counter an alarming smell which has developed while we have been away. Normality returns. Back to work for Mrs Fleet and I, and to School for Miss Fleet, on Monday. For Rothmans life will continue much as usual!


11 Responses to There and back again

  1. idle says:

    Healthy stuff. Perhaps the spot on your head is a laser sight, and you had a brush with death.

    Does Cornwall have anything other than an Atlantic Coast?

  2. Tuscan Tony says:

    So, judging by the first pic I’d say this was taken on the South coast of Easter Island.

    Looks luvverly, by the way. Welcome back.

  3. Fleet of Worlds says:

    Idle – I think it depends on where you are in Cornwall! On the north coast (where we were) they would say that is the Atlantic coast.

    TT – View from the headland where the cottage is looking west in the general direction of Porthtowan from St Agnes.

  4. Calfy says:

    I find your title misleading. Did you vanquish any dragons?
    Gert lush pics. The waves seem to be travelling the wrong way in the top one.

  5. Fleet of Worlds says:

    Two wasps, some ants and a Dutch tourist in a BMW, but no Dragons…

    There was a very strong wind the day I took the pictures… walking the cliff path felt quite perilous. I think that accounts for the odd wave patterns in the top pic.

  6. Calfy says:

    Well a horde of emmets is not a bad substitute nowadays. I wish I had walked a windy cliff in the past week.

  7. 6000 says:

    Ah – in just a month and a bit’s time I shall be sampling the wild celtic coast as well. I can, as they say, hardly wait.

  8. Whereabouts are you off to, 6000?

  9. Helga Hansen says:

    Looks beautiful. I shall hang my head in shame and confess that I’ve never been further south than Torquay – all that endless traffic on the M5 south every Friday/Saturday just puts me off completely (I live 5 miles from the M4/M5 interchange, and getting home from work is a nightmare in the summer!!) 😦

    I will go one day… 🙂

  10. It’s well worth it, Helga… and I did wave as I passed by on the M5 on the way home! 🙂

  11. killemall says:

    Hope you all had an enjoyable time. Cornwall’s lovely, isn’t it?

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