Separated at Birth


On the left, a Scarran from Farscape. On the right, Prime Mentalist James Gordon Brown.

Picture of the Scarran, hattip Time, Picture of the Prime Mentalist, hattip Farscape World.


6 Responses to Separated at Birth

  1. bigrab says:

    Blimey! :blink:

  2. Scrobs says:

    What a puck up…

  3. Ap says:


  4. apricotfox says:

    My name should have auto-appeared!
    Love the pic!

  5. Doesn’t Gordon realise that when he pulls that facial expression, it makes him look like a poo…..oh, sorry….

  6. Fleet of Worlds says:

    The moment I saw that photo in Time alongside the inane dribblings of the over-rated JK Rowling I thought “That’s a Scarran!” – then it was just a question of finding the right photo.

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