Requiescat in Pace – Milvina Dean

May 31, 2009


Today has brought the sad news that the last survivor of the sinking of RMS Titanic, Milvina Dean, has died at the age of 97. Ms Dean was 2 months old at the time of the sinking and so had no memory of the events of April 15th 1912. Ms Dean, her mother and brother escaped in Lifeboat No. 10 (and were thus among the first steerage class passengers to escape) but her father was lost. With her death the last human link to the loss of the great ship is gone.

Today is also the 98th Anniversary of the launch of Titanic.

RIP Milvina Dean, 2nd February 2012 – 31st May 2009.


There and back again

May 30, 2009


I am back after a most enjoyable week on the Atlantic Coast of Cornwall with my parents. The weather was mixed but we had three or four really good days which allowed Rothmans and Miss Fleet to have some fun on the beach, and your correspondent to have a few good swims in the sea, and also to get mildly sunburnt. (Please note that in the picture below that is not a bald patch you can see on my head, but a strange trick of the cornish light). My father (69) ventured in once (the pictorial evidence is too shocking to be published on this blog) but claims that his ‘feet get too cold’, which has at least sorted out his birthday present (boots for his wetsuit).


All in all it was a lovely week, although as ever coming home is a bit depressing, and this afternoon has been spent dealing with the jungle in the back garden and pouring acid down all the sinks in the house to try to counter an alarming smell which has developed while we have been away. Normality returns. Back to work for Mrs Fleet and I, and to School for Miss Fleet, on Monday. For Rothmans life will continue much as usual!

Off on Holiday

May 22, 2009


The family Fleet are off to Cornwall for a week. The cottage has no broadband.. there is no mobile reception, and the view out of the front window is of the Atlantic. Bliss.

Will nobody think of the Ducks?

May 21, 2009

Quote of the day, from, by ‘James’

What Peter Viggers’ critics are failing to answer is where do they expect his ducks to live now? The ducks who will be made homeless are the forgotten victims of this sorry affair.

New Labour: A Sober Assessment by Bryan Appleyard

May 19, 2009

Bryan Appleyard 3.jpg.jpeg

The great Bryan Appleyard posts as follows on his unmissable blog, Thought Experiments:-

With Speaker Martin about to resign, it is a good time to list some of the achievements of New Labour since 1997.

1)They destroyed trust in politics by creating a culture of spin, bullying and manipulation culminating in the Damian McBride affair.
2)They failed to reform the National Health Service or, indeed, any public service.
3)They betrayed their own primary promise by increasing inequality.
4)They embarked on an ill-judged military partnership with an incompetent American administration.
5)They humiliated and under-funded the military.
6)They mismanaged the public finances, leaving us with massive borrowings in the face of the worst economic crisis in 80 years.
7)They permitted a coup, on the basis of bullying and threats, which installed the worst Prime Minister of my lifetime.
8)And now, with the resignation of Brown’s puppet Speaker, they have precipitated a constitutional crisis of historic proportions.
Have I missed anything?

Pirate Facebook

May 19, 2009

arrrrrrrrr jim lad.jpg

While tinkering with the settings on Facebook, Mrs Fleet has discovered that it is possible to change the language settings to English (Pirate). The results are quite marvellous to behold! The element which made me giggle was the replacement of the word Applications with Arrrplications and Log Out with Abandon Ship.

Mac and PC

May 19, 2009


From EatLiver (as usual!)