Gordon Brown helps with the office chores…


Iain Martin, the only member of the Labourgraph’s political staff worth reading (and who is rumoured by Guido to be leaving, presumably to seek work with an actual proper newspaper) brings us this priceless report on the behaviour of the Prime Mentalist.

“The strain shows, say current and former Brown aides: Among other things, it has inflamed a temper that has always been the subject of gallows humor among those who work with him, they say. The prime minister, 58, has hurled pens and even a stapler at aides, according to one; he says he once saw the leader of Britain’s 61 million people shove a laser printer off a desk in a rage. Another aide was warned to watch out for “flying Nokias” when he joined Brown’s team. One staffer says a colleague developed a technique called a “news sandwich” — first telling the prime minister about a recent piece of good coverage before delivering bad news, and then moving quickly to tell him about something good coming soon. Brown’s spokesman, Michael Ellam, declined to comment.”

PS I was told by a usually very reliable Labour source that Brown, helping out with the stapling, had at one point lost his temper and actually stapled his own hand by mistake. That simply cannot be true and I refuse to believe it.”

You couldn’t make it up. 14 months to go, unless the men in white coats intervene first.


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