Just Another Night Chez Fleet


(Actually Miss Fleet has been gathering all the cans from the last couple of weeks to carry them out to the recycling bin!)


3 Responses to Just Another Night Chez Fleet

  1. barnsleybill says:

    I had the last of the Abbot Ale last night. No more at the local shop till xmas. I bought most of it and have been hoarding…

  2. 6000 says:

    Someone brought some Grolsch (in the swingtop bottles) over for a braai a couple of months back and now I am re-addicted.
    This wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that it is (literally) twice the price of any other beer over here.

    But it’s so niiiiice.

  3. Fleet of Worlds says:

    Barnsley Bill – the Abbot is good stuff! Sorry it hasn’t made its way to NZ in bigger volumes!

    6000 – my father in law introduced me to the ambroslal Grosch. Certainly the best lager around in my opinion

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