Very Cool Robot

From the superb Geek Dad blog at Wired, comes this video of an excellent Sudoku solving Lego robot. Marvellous, isn’t it!


2 Responses to Very Cool Robot

  1. Scrobs says:

    That’s marvellous Fleeters!

    Mrs S and I are addicts, and I’ve only recently got ‘The Times Difficult’ book, just to try and do them without filling in…

    I reckon I can do one in three before I have to resort to writng in numbers, but the mental exercise is great!

    Computers can solve these chaps in seconds – I prefer to sit with a large glass of Chardonnay, and make ’em work!

    Great post this!

  2. Fleet of Worlds says:

    Scrobs – thanks! Rather a splendid machine, I thought.

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