Saab Trouble

Photo © Martin Bergstrand

Very sad news today. GM owned Saab has filed for protection from it’s creditors – the Swedish equivelent of Chapter 11. It appears that GM plan to try to spin Saab off as an independant company, although it’s difficult to see how it could survive, given it’s performance in recent years and the general collapse of the car industry since the credit crunch. Certainly the experience of MG Rover isn’t exactly promising, although hopefully the management team at Saab will prove more capable than the people who steered Rover to it’s untimely end.

I’ve had two Saabs in recent years, a 9-3 and a 9-5, and I loved both although the 9-5 eventually had to go as it cost too much to run. They managed to retain some of their individuality even through 20 years of ownership by GM and didn’t seem to suffer the unfortunate image issues which have plagued the likes of BMW and recently Audi. Hopefully they will survive in some form.


2 Responses to Saab Trouble

  1. idle says:

    We had a Saab 99 in the mid 70s. We were driving through Plymouth when the gear stick came away in mother’s hand.

  2. The build quality on mine wasn’t the best either…

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