London Visit


Today was the last (week) day of Miss Fleet’s half term. Mrs Fleet decided to bring Miss Fleet and Rothmans to London for a day out. They came up on the train and I met them for lunch at Ultimate Burger on Glasshouse Street just off Piccadilly Circus. (It’s a great gourmet burger place, and their Satay burger is to die for). After lunch I went back to the office while Mrs F took the girls to London Zoo, where they had great fun (Miss Fleet was amazed and delighted to discover that Komodo Dragons are in fact real and not a figment of Daddy’s imagination).

After their fun time at the Zoo they came and met me from the office and we did our traditional visit to Banana Republic on Regent Street (my third favourite store in the world after the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in NY and any Ruehl 925 store (Abercrombie and Fitch’s grown up elder brother – they don’t have them in the UK). Miss Fleet loves BR because the name amuses her and because the store is generously provided with comfortable chairs – she migrates from one to another as we move through the store. I bought a very nice purple sweater. Amazingly Mrs F didn’t partake, but I gather there is a dress she has her eye on for my brother’s nuptials later in the year.

All in all a nice day out for the girls, albeit an exhausting one for Mrs F!


4 Responses to London Visit

  1. Scrobs says:

    Good day out there Fleeters!

    Have you ever sampled a Hemingway Burger – late of the menu at the now defunct Hanover Sq Winebar?

    Best recipe ever IMHO…

  2. I haven’t had one, Scrobs. I will however endeavour to do so!

  3. 6000 says:

    London. Burgers. Dragons. Bananas.

    Do you honestly expect us to believe a word of that, Fleet?

  4. Fleet of Worlds says:

    6000 – 🙂

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