Sinister Snowman


Miss Fleet has developed a strange talent for constructing deeply sinister snowmen. During the limited snow we had last year, she built three, all of which were disturbing in a way it is impossible to put one’s finger on.

Yesterday this creepy looking brute appeared in the back garden. It’s pebbles follow you around as you walk, and last night looking at the hideous thing lit by the light spilling through the conservatory windows I could have sworn it was watching me, and planning something. I triple checked the lock on the door.

2 Responses to Sinister Snowman

  1. Tuscan Tony says:

    He looks like the Brundlefly thing I did a post on a few days ago. Buy bug spray immediately.

  2. Fleet of Worlds says:

    Yes, that’s it! Horrid thing. Hopefully by tomorrow his head will have dropped off – it was at a jaunty angle a short while ago when I went to retrieve a bottle of Rioja from the rack. If not it might get some help on it’s way in the morning!

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