Snow Chaos

February 2, 2009


Once again the UK has ground to a halt under the onslaught of the snow. London appears to have been completely unprepared for it – the bus and tube networks collapsed under the strain almost immediately and First Great Western (the ironically named train company – at least the Western bit is true) got me to within sight of Paddington (literally) more or less on time, whereupon we sat there for about an hour. With the trains heading back out being cancelled one after the other and the snow coming down again I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and came home.

Lo and behold the Crackberry has just informed me that our office is closing at 1.00pm so that people can get home before the anticipated further snow arrives, so it turned out to be the right choice.

In fairness to Mayor Boris and his people, apparently this is the worst snow the South-East has seen for 18 years, with plenty more to come. Promises to be an interesting week!

(Picture above of of the heel of my RM Williams boot in the snow. I noticed as I was walking to the station that the little logo on the heel was visible in the print, which seemed worthy of recording!)

UPDATE – Quote of the day from Morris Dancer commenting on

“The way the media are going on about [the snow] you’d think asbestos was falling from the sky”


Hyde Park

Hyde Park

The Brompton ride from Paddington to the office was slightly perilous this morning – lots of snow and compacted ice around, sometimes several inches thick. Hyde Park looked magical though.