New Specs

511320341.jpg I am dreadfully shortsighted, and am essentially unable to function without glasses. In the past I’ve run into horrible problems with high street chain-type opticians, so for the last 10 years or so I have gone to Ideal Eyes in Oxford. They’re a great example of a small (3 store) chain still very much run hands-on by the owner, and the service is superb. After the unfortunate disintegration of my specs earlier in the week I decided to get my eyes tested as well as ordering some new glasses.

There seems to be a distressing trend towards ‘bling’ in glasses these days. Because my eyes are so bad the lenses are very thick, even with 1.67 lenses which thins them by 50% (I think). As a result I need to have plastic frames to avoid looking like Professor Frink from the Simpsons, with the glass overhanging the frames. Many of the frames seem to have great thick ‘arms’ to them, sometimes spanning the whole height of the side of the frame, often with a ludicrous great logo of Armani, Prada, or whatever, stuck to it. The effect is to make one look like the owner of a pair of designer label safety goggles. Horrible.

I was delighted therefore, to find that Ray-Ban produce a nice range of understated frames. So that is what I have ordered (pictured above). Now I just have to hope the super-glue holds until they arrive!

2 Responses to New Specs

  1. Scroblene says:

    ‘Bout time you did this Fleeters!

    There’s a lot of blog stuff to look at – even the one you replied to on Scrobs just now!

    I reckon that lens design is a big research project. My riduculous varifocals miss so much, and Mrs S says they were too cheap…

    So do I especially after I fell arse over head walking JRT last w/e…

  2. 6000 says:

    There should be a law against opticians (and hairdressers) having “clever” names involving eyes and hair-related puns.

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