Spectacular Issue

Photo 4.jpg

This hasn’t been the best week so far! I’ve injured my back, and then while writing the previous blog post my glasses fell to bits!

I’m sure it’s all Gordon Brown’s fault somehow.


5 Responses to Spectacular Issue

  1. Scrobs says:

    Thank goodness it’s a clean break…

    For one awful moment, I thought you were tasting some particularly disgusting sushi in the pic…

    Sorry to be flippant, hope a friendly optician can give you a screw – er…

    Just getting my coat…

  2. 6000 says:

    It’s a double break – yes, one of the arms is broken, but in addition, the large black rectangle which usually is attached to the front of the glasses has also come off.

    Scrobs – get mine while you’re there, please. ta.

  3. lilith says:

    Ahh, you just need a piece of plaster for the specs. For the back I will give you my osteopath’s number…

  4. Fleet of Worlds says:

    Scrobs /6000- very droll. You ought to be on TV. Possibly CrimeWatch?

    Lils – I have applied large amounts of superglue and made an appointment with the optician for Saturday. I went to see my chiropractor last night. My usual chap was off and who should appear in reception but a willowy blond girl of perhaps 25. Mrs F, who had driven me to the appointment, did not look over impressed. Suffice to say I have made an appointment to see her next time.

  5. Tuscan Tony says:

    What lilith said. Sporting contacts now, as I have for the past couple of years, glasses after 30 years on the nose are no longer a priority. This means I am occasionally observed at brekkie in my 1985 specials, with standard glass (being -7, -5.5 not a pretty sight), 2 broken arms (thanks son No. 3), one of which ir repaired with a plaster, the other with sellotape. Nice.

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