18102008023.jpg Here you see your humble blogger with my beloved Brompton bike. I greatly enjoy my ride from Paddington to the office each morning and evening, which gives me a chance to watch the goings on of the West End first thing in the morning – this morning a huge row between two lady cyclists, one of whom had jumped a red light and was thereupon abused by the other with a cry of “it’s people like you who make people think we’re all ar*eholes”. *

Unfortunately it all went horribly wrong this morning when my foot slipped off the pedal when passing the American Embassy on Grosvenor Square. I am prone to back injuries (probably something to do with being 6 foot 5 tall) and lo and behold I have twisted my back.

I’ve spent the day popping paracetamol and lurching around the place like Quasimodo, and am sitting here with a heatpad on my back. Hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow, although I suspect I am in for a painful few days, punctuated by anguished cries of “I’m in tremendous pain, Ted”.

(* She’s right – I try to scrupulously obey the rules of the road on the grounds that if cyclists want to be treated with respect and not run over by buses, taxis. members of the Household Cavalry on horses etc, we need to be whiter than white ourselves)


7 Responses to Arghhhh!

  1. idle says:

    If you take to the streets of London blindfolded, these things will happen.

    Get well soon.

  2. Fleet of Worlds says:

    Damnit, that’s what I’ve been doing wrong!

    A large glenmorangie seems to be dulling the pain somewhat, in conjunction with the paracetamol!

  3. bigrab says:

    I have regular back pain and find my TENS machines very good indeed. I have two, one from Boots with four pads (about £70) and a little one from Lloyds chemist which has two pads and was only £14.99.

  4. bigrab says:

    Also I find ibuprofen better than paracetemol.

  5. 6000 says:

    Damn you bigrab for stealing the role of “chief back pain relief advisor”.

    Having 3 mashed up discs in my back, I can vouch for all he says.

    And I agree with the abuse given to the red light jumper.

  6. Tuscan Tony says:

    Looking at the pic, locking the back wheel in position before you set off from Paddington will almost certainly make the ride less stressful. Plus you’ll be able to turn the pedals forwards to attain momentum, rather than backwards like a demented circus trick-cyclist. Just sayin’.

  7. killemallletgodsortemout says:

    Sorry tp hear about your bad back – Glenmorangie is definitely the answer. Also, get a couple of Thai birds in, and ask them to walk up and down your back – naked. This also helps a lot, and saves the HNS a fortune. You’ll be as right as rain in no time. Tell Mrs Fleet it’s all in the name of multi-culturalism.

    PS I note that Rothmans has her father’s eyes.

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