A question for the Met

An interesting question from Louise Bagshawe on Conservative Home

“A (Bob) Quick question for a Sunday morning… Damian Green, in the course of doing his duty as an Opposition spokesman, was arrested, his house raided, his love letters read, held for multiple hours, his wife and daughters were in tears and lastly he was bugged without his knowledge.

This was on suspicion of, and I forget the exact term, “conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office”.

In comparison, Labour peers are on tape offering to amend legislation for cash. The Metropolitan Police’s response to that will be very interesting, won’t it?”

I strongly suspect I know the answer… the Met will do nothing, on the instructions of their masters in Downing Street – certainly no offices will be raided, no researchers intimidated (as per Daniel Kawczynski), no teenage daughters terrorised, no peers arrested and held for 9 hours. Anyone want to bet that I am wrong?


2 Responses to A question for the Met

  1. 6000 says:

    Argh – don’t slip, Fleet!

    If you want to convince people of your argument, leave the emotion out of it. I get so turned off this whole sordid tale by the constant references to his wife and daughters. Yes – it’s bad that that happened, but stick to the objective facts, boy. And then there can be no arguments. It was wrong.

  2. Not my best post, I agree.

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