Toddler Booze Scandal

rothmans The mighty Rothmans (10 months) has become highly mobile in recent weeks, crawling, climbing the stairs (until captured by the authorities) and walking round holding onto items of furniture or her wheelie truck thing. Here she is pictured (using the rubbish camera in Mrs Fleet’s Motorola) having discovered a can of Strongbow from her father’s supply. She wasted no time getting her laughing gear round it, and seemed rather disappointed when she couldn’t gain access!

Next week I am planning on introducing her to Glenmorangie and Cohibas.


14 Responses to Toddler Booze Scandal

  1. Tuscan Tony says:

    A good interlocking grip the lad has: he’ll make a fine golfer one day. meantime, perhapps you could ask that Welsh lady for lessons as to how to train him to inhale properly. Apparelntly her 3 year old smoked like Marlon Brando.

  2. 6000 says:

    “Next week I am planning on introducing her to Glenmorangie and Cohibas.”

    I read “…Glenmorangie and Cannabis”. Oops.

    Welcome back. Don’t leave it so long next time.

  3. Mrs Fleet says:

    Lad? He?

  4. Mrs Fleet says:

    SHE is wearing pink!

  5. God, Tuskers, you’re for it now. For only the third time in recorded history Mrs F has been lured out of covert to comment on this blog… twice!

  6. killemallletgodsortemout says:

    “Out of covert”?” Did you mean “out of the coven”?

    Rothmans looks great. Try to remove the duct tape when she’s 12 months. Her eyesight will improve dramatically!

  7. electro-kevin says:

    Good Daddy !

    I have similar piccies of mine.

  8. bigrab says:

    I read “cannabis” as well 6000.

    Cider is one of the few alcoholic beverages I can’t drink.

  9. lilith says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous, Fleet, but why oh why did you call her Rothmans? Marlboro Lights not good enough for her?

  10. Fleet of Worlds says:

    There was a naming competition – I can’t recall if it was 6000 or Killem who came up with Rothmans – it made me laugh!

  11. Tuscan Tony says:

    Gods Mrs F, no offence intended. My feeble excuse is that I have always associated the word “Rothmans” with maleness – probably down to the adverts they used to run in the Seventies, where a stern looking chappie in a naval-style uniform did the impossible – holding a lighted cigarette insouciantly between his lips, whilst punting along at 60 knots in his Chriscraft.

  12. Fleet of Worlds says:

    Rab – for many years I couldn’t drink it either, after a bad experience myself and a bad experience Mrs Fleet had which culminated in her throwing up over my trousers, then into a container, which she then upended over my trousers. A year or so ago I tried some and found my phobia had passed. In my defence, I was born and raised in Oxfordshire so I am a yokel.

    Tuskers – 😉 I think she has forgiven you.

  13. Fleet of Worlds says:

    EK – I caught her with a can again today – I think she’s developing a taste for it!

  14. bigrab says:

    Fleet, my aversion too stems from a bad experience but I’m not sure I could overcome it so easily!

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